How to save the world with science every day

Saving the world from environmental disasters that mark our time can seem complicated, from climate change to pollution, as well as numerous other problems related to our lifestyle. This is especially true when the immense and overwhelming measures required to address such issues are the direct responsibility of citizens. You will be surprised to know that it is possible to achieve such measures by personally implementing small, every day steps with scientifically proven solutions. This is the idea behind the website 366solutions, which includes a collection of solutions aimed at cleaning up, repairing and protecting our planet. Each day the website posts a scientific solution to a problem, such as carbon emissions or energy, and offers ways we can each commit in our use of materials and chosen modes of mobility to safeguard the planet and make Greener choices. Intended as a book to counter the crisis facing our planet, the author decided that the collected ideas and solutions were better suited as a website to ensure fluidity of its contents and to offer real-time updates. We interviewed Kevin Desmond, author, scientific writer and technology historian, who founded together with Jeff Butler, as he tells us about the origins of the project and its future.

Intervista (in inglese) a Kevin Desmond, ideatore del progetto 366solutions

A future that will not end on the 366th day, as the name might suggest. Desmond gathered enough solutions to publish a new one daily, allowing it to continue into the spring of 2022, but it does not end there. The creators plan to organize an international expo to show the proposed solutions to our problems, but of course, such plans will come once the end of the pandemic allows for it. Kevin Desmond points out that 366solutions should have be called 365solutions, but another user had already taken the domain. Thus came the plan of adding a day to emphasize the possibility of proposing one's solutions. We cannot include all suggestions as a proposed solution. The published selection includes only patented ideas based on scientific studies published in major journals or those of which are currently in production. Kevin adds, with a sense of irony, "We will be able to answer the legendary Greta Thunberg when she says that we have done nothing that there is a website full of proposals to clean up, repair, and protect the planet".

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